Introducing the Braintrust Signature Series!

In this new video series, Founder Brian Rabon will be interviewing thought leaders and leadership experts from around the world. Up first is world champion extreme skier and fear strategist Kristen Ulmer. Kristen is the author of the ground-breaking book, The Art of Fear. Together, Brian and Kristen examine every aspect of fear and discuss how to stop the cycle of repression and instead become intimate with fear, as a way to decrease your fear and anxiety related problems.


Episode 1.4 Change is Inevitable

By embracing the changes that come with Agile, you can maximize your potential and live a more fulfilled life. But to truly become Agile, leadership has to give up a certain level of control. Moving from command and control to trusting your teams to be self-managing is a scary proposition. In our fourth and final episode with fear expert Kristen Ulmer we’re talking about accepting change. Join as we talk about how acknowledging your resistance is the first step to acceptance. 


Episode 1.3 Awareness is Power

Do you fear confrontation and conflict? In part three of this four-part series, Brian and Fear Expert, Kristen Ulmer discuss the power of awareness and how to use fear to navigate conflicts in your Agile team. Awareness gives us the power to look beyond our own fears and to think about the situation from the perspective of our fellow teammate.  By “raising your antenna” and becoming more aware of your feelings, you can acknowledge your fear and even merge with your fear in order to become great at confrontations and difficult discussions. 


Episode 1.2 SHIFT The Game of 1,000 Wisdoms

Are you underperforming because of fear? In episode 1.2, Kristen dives deeper into specific techniques and tools that you can use to form a more positive relationship with fear. Join us as Kristen explains a tool she developed called SHIFT- The Game of 1,000 Wisdoms, which has been called one of the most important tools ever developed in the world!


Episode 1.1 Making Friends With Your Fear

Are you underperforming because of fear? In this episode, Kristen discusses how she transitioned from being a world champion downhill skier to become a leading expert on fear. Learn how repressed fear can turn into burnout and how the practical application of Zen can bring balance to your work and personal life.

ArtofFear Cover.jpg

Kristen’s best-selling book, The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won't Work and What to Do Instead is now available on Amazon. Influenced by Ulmer’s own complicated relationship with fear and her over 15 years as a mindset facilitator, The Art of Fear reconstructs the way you react to and experience fear—empowering you to easily and permanently address the underlying cause of our fear-based problems, and setting you on course to live a happier, more expansive future.


Ready to Dive Even Deeper?


Braintrust and Kristen Ulmer have partnered together to offer two amazing products for our clients who are facing fear in their Agile implementations.


Take advantage of Kristen’s 30+ years of experience boiled down to 100 of the most important and fascinating questions you will ever ask yourself. Spend some time with them whenever you want to wake up to what you’re feeling, clear your head, and feel moved by what you feel in an honest, healthy way.


This game changing course is unlike anything you have ever seen. It includes videos, facilitated summaries and worksheets taking you on a fascinating journey into, through and out of the other side of any fear or anxiety related problem.


Special Announcement


This Signature Series partnership with Kristen Ulmer has been so successful that we are planning a special, in-person workshop: The Art of Fear In Agile, With Special Guest Kristen Ulmer.

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October 5, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT

This is a once in a lifetime chance to spend time with a renowned fear expert and coach who normally works with elite athletes. Space is very limited, so register now!

Over the past 10 years, The Braintrust Consulting Group has trained and coached 10,000 Agile professionals and the one roadblock that we find over and over again is fear. People are afraid of change... They're afraid of trying something new and failing... They're afraid of the unknown... They're afraid of losing control or power.... To address this pressing issue, The Braintrust Consulting Group has partnered with fear expert, Kristen Ulmer to create this Signature Series Workshop- The Art of Fear in Agile.

Over the course of this intensive workshop, Braintrust Founder and CEO, Brian Rabon, with the help of his long-time friend Kristen Ulmer, will be looking at the fears that hold us back in Agile implementations and in life. Then Kristen will lead break-out sessions to teach techniques and tools to not only address your fear, but to become friends with your fear.